Business Overhaul Consulting
*Rates start at $2500 for a four day deep dive with full report
Speaking Engagements
*Rates dependent on expenses and time allocated

I will accept a highly select and highly limited number of business overhaul clients annually. This service is extremely personalized to your business and includes:

  • Quarter long presence in your business

  • Monthly mastermind calls

  • Review and reboot of all systems and processes

  • Analyzation of financials

  • Analysis of employees, structure, and retention

  • Interviewer certification for all hiring managers

  •  Mini-courses for management on:

    • Front line leadership

    • Motivating employees

    • Building team comradery

    • Avoiding Operational Mistakes 

    • Finding out of the box opportunities for growth

    • Networking for profit

But it doesn't stop there. Any needs of the business will be addressed even those outside of this list. 

Past opportunities for previous clients that resulted in a huge impact to the bottom line:

  • Warehouse spacing using a lean process

  • SWOT analysis of company process

  • Labor hour forecasting and prior year mapping

  • Strategic planning into other markets for growth

  • Delivery cost planning and expense understanding

  • Networking and partnering with strategic asset compliments

  • Hiring and training of key personnel

  • Competitor analysis and road map to combat

  • Search Engine Optimization report of the website

  • One on one meetings with staff to understand the engagement levels and missing opportunities 

  • Execution/implementation of efficient systems and processes

Business Coach on Retainer
*Rates start at $8500 annually

With the ace up your sleeve of a Business Coach on retainer, you can schedule one full day once a month for the coach to come in and work with you on any topic of your choosing. This could be used for interviewing, training, implementation, or strategic analysis of a certain situation. 

This service also comes with, up to, one hour-long phone coaching session on any area you would like help with each week. Some clients use this time to ask for advice on a certain area of concern throughout their business, some take it as a time to help strategize the next move in their company's growth.  

I'm available to travel for a variety of speaking and teaching engagements. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Interviewing to get the job

  • Hiring rockstar employees

  • Front line leadership

  • Motivating employees

  • Building team comradery

  • Avoiding operational mistakes 

  • Finding out of the box opportunities for growth

  • Networking for profit

  • Instilling pride in your team

Interviewer Certificates
(Or other classes)
*Rates start at $800 for a one day class with your team

This certification class will teach your team:

  • How to screen applicants

  • Conduct a proper interview

  • Avoid HR pitfalls

  • How to choose the right candidate

  • How to onboard

  • Nurturing new hires to retention

Other classes available:

  • Effective leadership training

  • Customer service training and implementation

  • Conducting a review while coaching for success

  • Reengagement of employees and morale

Personal Coaching
*Rates are tailored specifically to the need of the client

Tap into your gifts, explore your opportunities, and grow like never before.  Work with Alan to become a better leader, better employee, or just to get the job. Whether you're looking for a one-time session or a long term program. This service is tailored to your needs and your personal situation.