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Hustle Up Interview Like a Pro Book Cover from Alan Hoekman Business Coach

After conducting thousands of interviews, from hourly positions to corporate executive level hiring, Alan takes his knowledge of interviews and combines it into the most reader-friendly option on the market. This book helps you interview like a professional no matter if it is your first time, or you are looking for the position of your life. Maybe you are already with the company you want but it’s time for your promotion request; this book will take you from start to congratulations with an easy to follow step-by-step process. Don’t get passed up because of your lack of interview skills, learn how to interview like a pro! 

Preventing Shrink Life in Loss Prevention Book by Alan Hoekman

This book describes ways to help prevent shrink in a retail setting by engaging current employees, identifying potential areas of concern, and ways to handle dishonest associates. This book has diagrams to help everyone control their shrink more efficiently as well as outlining how to have a conversation with potential dishonest associates.

 Alan traveled around the United States with different retail companies fixing loss prevention programs, training, and conducting high-profile interviews of dishonest associates; this book will give you the secrets that he has taught them.

Coming Soon!

Hustle Up: Hire Like A Boss

You landed the job and now your the man behind the desk. How do you make excellent staffing choices? How to you attract the right candidates? What are the right questions to ask?  What qualities should you look for? 

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