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Alan Hoekman
Business Coach

Joining the Army right out of high school as a Russian Interrogator, I learned a lot about how the world works, and what can be changed about it. After my time wearing Army fatigues, I got out to become a single father of a little boy. I found my new home in the civilian sector in security analysis, corporate espionage, and executive leadership. That is just a fancy way of saying, figure out the best way to do things and then implement them better than anyone else. I traveled around the United States with different companies fixing broken programs, training managers for success, and implementing creative solutions to capture the most out of the bottom line anywhere I was. With many teachers along the way, from top CEOs of giant corporations to every hourly associate I have conversed with, I have continued my personal growth and mission to help companies who just need help understanding the right direction to go. 

 A business, however, is not the only thing that needs to grow continuously to be successful; every member within that business has a responsibility to grow as well for the greater good of that business. This means there needs to be a 360-degree approach to the buy-in, training, and desire by all members for the business to overcome their everyday hurdles. I make a point to study any and all business topics that come up or have changed over the years making myself familiarized with new techniques that can help any business. Armed with an MBA, studying for the CPA, and having many certificates in between both worlds, I always have multiple tools to help a company grow past its current level. 

I am looking forward to working with you and figuring out your specific business obstacles so that we can take your company to the next level. Consider me your best friend and ally for your business needs. Now, let's talk strategy. 

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